• Isabelle Hanssen

While I thought my body was failing me, I was in fact, failing my body.

I remember being 17 and crying my eyes out in the shower. Why? Because I hated my body. I was angry at my body, I resented my body. I resented it every time I got hurt, every time I got bruised and every time it kept me from being able to ski. I wasn’t comfortable with myself and I wasn’t comfortable with my body. I felt weak and I was angry because I thought my body wasn’t made for skiing, yet skiing was the only thing that made me happy.

“Skiing was the only thing that made me happy.”

What I failed to realize is that it was my responsibility to prepare my body for what I was asking it to do. I was asking too much and then I got angry when it couldn’t handle it. Because I wasn’t taking care of my body, it wasn’t failing me, I was failing it.

17 Year old me

I wish there would have been more information when I started freestyle skiing, a program to follow, lessons to take or a paved path. Something, anything to prepare me and educate me about what I was doing and what I was asking my body to do.

Right after starting freestyle skiing, only 6 months in, I severely injured my knee (Torn ACL and meniscus) and while this is extremely common in our sport, I am sure that If I would have understood better what I was doing, or If I would have had guidance, it could have been avoided. I wasn’t an athlete, yet I was asking my body to perform like one.

“I wasn’t an athlete, yet I was asking my

body to perform like one”

Because my love for skiing was greater than my resentment towards my body I kept on going. And I am proud to say I have come a long way from that 17 year old girl in the shower.

I learned the hard way that taking care of your body should be priority number one. My injuries led me towards a healthy lifestyle, an athletic body and a professional skiing career. It even made me fall in love with taking care and training my body to perform better.

My body has already been through a lot and it doesn’t function a 100% anymore. But now I feel STRONG, I am HAPPY and I feel comfortable in my own skin. My body feels capable to do the things I want to do. It might not be a 100% anymore, but now it’s allowing me to do the one thing that makes me happy the most, so how can I not appreciate it?

“Now I feel STRONG, I am HAPPY”

PLEASE take care of yourself, care for your body with love and respect. For your body to treat you right, you need to treat it right. Educate young ones around you, and help whenever wherever you can. You never know how your knowledge could impact other people’s lives.

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