“We all have challenges and opportunities on the road of life and it’s within our power to channel them in ways to support our dreams.”


I made a promise to myself that I would do anything I can to reach my full potential. Training and nutrition are a big part of that. I started training a long time ago to reduce the risk of injury and to improve my skiing. As years passed by, my love for training grew. It is now an essential part of my lifestyle.


The thing about the gym is that, in a world that constantly frames women's health around our need to get smaller, it's the only place I've found where goals are all about increasing. As women, we are bombarded with the message that we are too big. We need to take up less space, to make the numbers on the scale go down, to measure our waists with fewer inches. We are told to shrink. To me, that is not health.


But at the gym, unless you're focusing on decreasing what you see on the scale, the numbers go up, not down. Your muscles get bigger. The weights you lift get heavier. The time you can hold a plank gets longer. The number of exercises you can master get more numerous.


And most importantly, it all makes me feel good. It's even – dare I say it – fun. It's fun to move in new ways. It's fun to watch your progress. Because at the end of the day, bodies aren't for looking at, they're for living in. So the real measure of how great they are is whether you can do everything you want in them. And the more stuff you can do, the more awesome that is.

Photo by Halux Visions